Sensear's SENS® technology delivers 360° situational awareness

Sensear offers best-in-class, high-noise communication solutions with Sensear’s unique and innovative SENS® technology. Give end-users hearing protection that allows them to hear, with 360° situational awareness and total communication.


Sensear's complete range of two-way radio headsets and smart noise-cancelling Bluetooth® headsets come in various wearing styles, including ATEX intrinsically safe options.

Smart Headsets

Workers can now communicate face-to-face in noise levels up to 95 dB(A) and communicate via two-way radio and Bluetooth® on mobile phones up to noise levels of 120 dB(A).

IS Smart Headsets

Sensear has a range of intrinsically safe smart headsets for hazardous locations with UL, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx certifications.

Sensear noise-cancelling headsets and earplugs for various industries

Sensear is solving high-noise communication problems for many of the world’s leading companies. Their range of smart headset and smart earplug products are comprehensive communication solutions for many applications in some of the world's noisiest and harshest environments, including:

Construction  |  Manufacturing  |  Local Government  |  Mining  |  Agriculture |  Forestry


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