Top 8 Advantages of the Radio Activity Kairos Repeater

The Kairos repeater from Radio Activity is an exceptionally innovative, compact and fully featured professional radio solution. Discover 8 key advantages of the Kairos, typical configurations and fantastic use cases.

8 reasons to choose the Kairos repeater

  1. Superior coverage and reception: With software receiver diversity, Kairos automatically performs complex signal processing to select the best possible received signal, even reflected signals. Using this in-built process, received signals are significantly improved, resulting in superior portable radio coverage. 
  2. Simulcast and roaming capabilities: Running simulcast, Kairos provides a great solution for areas where licences are difficult to come by. Covering a wide area with a single-channel licence not only saves money but also provides the end user with an improved and simplified operation with automated roaming between repeater sites. 
  3. IP and RF Linking: Connecting Kairos repeaters in a multi-site system couldn’t be simpler because Kairos repeaters include IP linking as standard. Where an IP network isn’t available, Kairos can also be RF-linked making this product ideal for long or challenging link paths.
  4. It’s compact and tough: Kairos is incredibly compact (roughly the size of a small tablet), lightweight and rugged. It has been used in many transportable applications including outside broadcast where small size and low weight are critical.
  5. True multi-mode operation (analogue and digital): The Kairos repeater is a versatile multi-mode device that can operate in analogue, DMR Tier 2, Tier 3 and paging, switching between modes based on the incoming signal. This makes it a cost-effective solution for customers looking to gradually migrate their existing communication network from analogue to digital.
  6. Very low power: Kairos has the added benefit of very low power consumption making it particularly useful in remote sites relying on battery or a solar power source.
  7. Powerful remote control and monitoring: Kairos’ remote monitoring and configuration tool speeds up setup and maintenance operations and enables secure software upgrades to be performed without the need for a site visit.
  8. Open standards-based: Kairos supports open standards and is compatible with radios from most major manufacturers including Tait and Hytera.

Typical configurations

  • Analogue/ DMR dual timeslot fixed base station
  • Redundant 1+1 Hot Standby base stations
  • Multisite IP-linked network
  • RF-linked base station

Example Kairos repeater use cases

  • Applications where channel licensing is problematic
  • Large scale, short-term events where portability, flexibility and reliability are key
  • Remote and off-grid sites
  • Linking sites with long and challenging link paths
  • Other mobile applications e.g. broadcasting
  • Tunnel projects where simulcasting allows for continuous roaming without any channel changes

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