Sonim Rugged Performance Standards

When Sonim set out to build Sonim phones, there were no standards for ultra-rugged mobile devices. So Sonim created them.

Based on over ten years of feedback from customer usage in the world’s most extreme environments, the Sonim Rugged Performance Standards (RPS) consist of 12 benchmarks of endurance and durability.

Why? Because in mission-critical situations, communication failure is not an option. Every Sonim device is designed and built to meet the most punishing, demanding, and exacting standards in the industry—Sonim RPS. Sonim set the standard that all rugged devices must live up to—discover the standards that the Sonim XP10 and XP5S are built to below.

A Higher, More Rigorous Set Of Standards

Sonim rugged performance standards dual shift battery life iconSonim rugged performance standards glove friendly iconSonim rugged performance standards extra loud audio icon
Dual-shift Battery Life
For continuous use throughout the day, Sonim batteries last multiple shifts.
Glove-Friendly Display
Sonim devices are uniquely designed for ease of use with large or gloved hands.
Extra-loud Audio
Never miss a call in noisy environments with a 100dB+ speaker and noise cancellation.
Sonim rugged performance standards waterproof iconSonim rugged performance standards pressure resistant iconSonim rugged performance standards shock resistant icon
IPX8 and IPX9 Rated
Submersible in water <1.98m for 30 mins; resistant to high-temperature pressure wash.
Operational in Extreme Temperatures
Built to work in all weather conditions and in temperatures from -20° C to 55° C.
Resistant To Shocks and Vibrations
Withstands sudden shocks of up to 30G and vibrations from 5Hz to 500Hz.
Sonim rugged performance standards drop impact resistant iconSonim rugged performance standards puncture resistant iconSonim rugged performance standards pressure resistant icon
Drop/Impact Resistant
Designed to be dropped from atop a ladder. Resistant to 1.98m drops onto concrete from any angle.
Puncture Resistant
Shock-resistant Gorilla Glass lens & hardened rubber moulded housing withstands up to 4J of impact energy.
Pressure Resistant
Survives being driven over by heavy-duty truck.
Withstands up to a ton of metric pressure.
Sonim rugged performance standards chemical resistant iconSonim rugged performance standards dustproof iconSonim 3-year warranty icon
Resistant To Oil and Chemicals
Easily cleanable with the right solvent. Resistant to petroleum oils and the corrosive nature of cleaning solvents.
Protected From Micro Particles
Completely sealed against the intrusion of dust and industrial micro-particles. Rated IP6x completely dust proof.
3-Year Warranty
Sonim will even cover accidental damage of the phone for 3 years—the most comprehensive warranty on the market.

Watch the Sonim RPS in action

Sonim is confident that their solutions are built to withstand any workday. Ultra-rugged mobile devices for critical communications, with built-in PTT (Push-to-Talk), and other features for public safety, construction, field service, manufacturing, hospitality and more. Watch their video and see it for yourself!

The Sonim XP10 — tested to Sonim RPS standards

The speed, performance, and capabilities of 5G are tremendous assets for anyone who relies on a smartphone to do their job. But for those who work in extreme environments, it’s rarely available in an ultra-rugged device. Until now.

Sonim XP10 device 360 degree view on red background

The Sonim XP10 meets MIL-STD-810H standards, has a larger 5.5” screen, longer battery life, and an easy access PTT button. With the XP10, your team can communicate and run mission-critical applications faster and more efficiently than before.