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Explore our extensive portfolio of LMR and cellular products and accessories that enhance business efficiency and improve worker safety.

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Quality products are the foundation of our critical communication solutions. We proudly work with the best brands and a fantastic dealer network to give end users the freedom to choose their own solution—getting the best of all worlds. Discover the Logic Plus – greater choice, fantastic value and unrivalled expertise and support along the way!

Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

An LMR solution provides reliable voice and data communication for professionals across various industries. Our LMR offerings include portable and mobile radios, base stations and repeaters. If your team depends on secure, robust and efficient communications, think LMR.

Logic LMR solution providers:

Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PTToC)

PTToC products leverage cellular networks to offer instant, nationwide coverage for push-to-talk (PTT) functionality. Our PTToC offerings include rugged smartphones, wearables, cloud-based location tracking platform and more, to enable seamless communication between users regardless of their location.

Logic PTToC solution providers:

SCADA & Grid Automation

Our SCADA and Grid Automation solutions for critical communications optimise the efficiency and reliability of infrastructure through advanced monitoring and control capabilities. Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, our solutions empower utilities to enhance grid performance, minimise downtime, and ensure resilient communication in critical situations.

Logic SCADA & Grid Automation providers:

Batteries & Charging

The battery and charging products in the Logic portfolio are carefully selected to deliver uninterrupted power supply and seamless charging solutions for mission-critical devices. Designed with reliability and longevity in mind, our range ensures that communication devices remain operational during long shifts, giving users confidence that they can communicate when needed.

Logic battery & charging providers:

Software Applications

Our software applications for critical communications are designed to meet the unique needs of essential industries, including public safety, utilities, and transportation. From advanced dispatching systems to real-time situational awareness platforms, our products streamline operations and enhance decision-making, ensuring seamless communication and coordination in critical situations.

Logic software application providers:

Antennas & Asset Trackers

Our antennas and asset tracker products for critical communications are chosen for their ability to optimise signal strength and enhance asset visibility in business-critical scenarios. Designed for rugged durability and precise tracking capabilities, our solutions empower users acrsoss many industries to maintain seamless communication and asset management, even in challenging environments.

Logic antenna and asset tracking providers:

Power Supplies

Your devices are only as good as the power supplying it. Our power supply products for critical communications are engineered to provide reliable and continuous power to essential communication systems in demanding environments. Ensure uninterrupted operation and connectivity when it matters most.

Logic power supply provider: