An intelligent capacity display unit that fits underneath existing adapter plates and delivers precise digital reading (mAh) on your battery's capacity. Also features deep conditioning via three complete discharge/recharge cycles that virtually eliminate all memory effects in NiCd and NiMH batteries and simultaneously restores lost battery capacity. Shows battery capacities in Lithium-based battery chemistries.


The default mode is the charge and automatic condition mode. If a battery is laced on the adapter, this mode is started automatically after 30 seconds.

Capacity Check
The capacity check function is used to ascertain the energy stored in the battery. Once a capacity function is selected, the battery is discharged, accurately measured and then recharged. Capacity is displayed in mAh.

The ReACTivate function discharge and re-charge cycle of the battery three times, terminating with a fully charged battery. At the end of each individual cycle, a capacity measurement is displayed which allows the user to determine if the capacity is being recovered (NiCd & NiMH batteries only).

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