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Conditioning Chargers

Available in single desktop, in-vehicle design, and six-bay option, the ACT® iCHARGE™ conditioning chargers offer robust tri-chemistry conditioning charging. All models also accommodate intrinsically safe (IS) battery designs.

ACT i80 intelligent six-bay conditioning charger and i25 and i20 single desktop and vehicle chargers

Intelligent battery charging and conditioning

Dynamic Pulse Charging Technology for superior charging.

Designed for two-way radio and barcode scanning devices, ACT’s iCHARGE line is the most intelligent battery charging and conditioning solution on the market. Incorporating ACT’s patented Dynamic Electrochemical Waveform (DEW™) technology, ACT’s single, six-bay, and in-vehicle chargers eliminate battery problems while dramatically extending battery performance.

The ACT chargers come with field interchangeable adapters for multiple radio battery types.

Simple LED indicators depict the charge status of each battery. When the battery reaches full charge, the LED indicator turns green and charging is finished.

Since the software codes for ACT®’s dynamic pulse conditioning charging are located on the adapters, a simple in-field change in adapters allows for cost-effective upgrades in the event of a change in radios or battery chemistries.

ACT Conditioning Charger Specifications

i20 Desktop Single Charger

  • Compatible with the ACT® iGAUGE Analyser
  • Drop-in option for selected radios
  • Reconditioning feature to recover lost capacity (NiMH and NiCD)

i25 In-Vehicle Single Charger

  • 203 x 114.3 x 50.8mm footprint for versatile placement
  • Adjustable mounting bracket for easy installation
  • Portable power for quick, reliable charging in the field

i80 Six-Bay Charger

  • Drop-in capability for selected radio batteries including Motorola® Impres™, as well as non-Impres™ batteries
  • Charges both intrinsically safe (IS) and non-intrinsically safe batteries (Non-IS)
  • Compatible with the ACT® iGAUGE Analyser
  • Dynamic pulse charging technology tailored to each battery
  • Battery conditioning charge during every charge event
  • Complete termination at charge to avoid potential battery damage via over-charge

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