The ACT iCHARGE i90 BAS (Battery Analyzing System) is the perfect solution for taking control of the conditioning, testing and analyzing of your two-way Ni-Cd, NiMH, LiIon and/or LiPoly chemistry radio batteries. Designed for use with a PC or Laptop, the i90 BAS includes software which provides real-time battery conditioning and battery capacity analysis with visibility of the battery voltage, stage of charging process, and phase time per charge cycle. The analysis results are stored and retained to provide historical comparative data.

The i90 BAS can be expanded by "daisy-linking" together with other i90 BAS units and run off the same PC or laptop to monitor and analyze up to 120 batteries simultaneously and can be remotely monitored. This unit is also compatible with bar code scanning technology.

The i90 BAS includes all necessary software, cabling, and charger battery adapter cups and is made of heavy duty construction for most rugged commercial environments.


• Real-time monitoring and analysis
• Remote monitoring
• Expandable up to 20 six bay units (120 batteries)
• Switches to Maintenance Mode once battery is fully charged
• All positions operate independently
• Field Interchangeable adapters
• Drop-In capability for Motorola® Impres® batteries
• Simple installation and operation
• Shows the true battery condition
• Can be monitored from different locations
• Run off 1 PC, no additional software license required
• Batteries can be safely left on unit for extended periods
• Mix and match different radio battery makes and chemistries
• No need to remove battery from radios on Impress batteries
• No need for dedicated PC station

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