Top 6 Benefits of Working with Logic

Who is the best communications distributor in Asia-Pacific?

It’s the one who listens more than they talk, who offers you unrivalled supplier choice and product quality, and who collaborates to deliver solutions that fit you and your business perfectly.

The logical choice for your critical communications solution

Logic Wireless is a Value-Added Distributor of critical communications solutions, and since 2004, has been partnering with industry-leading suppliers to help organisations keep their staff safe and business productive. Logic has proudly built an experienced network of 120+ resellers, working with them to offer innovative and reliable critical communication solutions for end users across all industries in the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Islands markets.

What is a Value-Added Distributor?

A Value-Added Distributor offers extra services that provide additional value to a client. These valuable services are generally offered in addition to delivering the product/service.
Traditional Distributors handle transactions—they pick, pack, and deliver goods. Compared to Value-Added Distributors—like Logic Wireless—who focus on building high-value relationships with their partners and customers, wrapping a traditional service in trusted advice and post-sales support, for enduring solutions built on proven expertise.
Logic Wireless flow chart for a Value-Added Distributor

Top 6 benefits of working with Logic Wireless

Aside from being a team of all-round top folks, here are six reasons why others love to partner with us:

  1. We always have plenty of stock: It’s true. Nothing worse than needing something and having to wait weeks. Our warehouses are full and ready for your orders!
  2. Orders are shipped fast: Also true. Our team may be small, but we’re mighty fast and good at what we do. With warehouses in both Christchurch (NZ) and North Brisbane (AU), we can get orders shipped out fast.
  3. The Logic team and our experienced resellers are second to none: Logic is incredibly proud of our support team—some have been with us for 12+ years! Logic support services include system design, coverage design, technical support, software support and warranty repairs. Thanks to the technical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and out-of-the-box thinking from the Logic support team and our reseller channel, organisations across the region are overcoming their communication challenges. From pre-sales advice to post-sales logistics and support, together we’ve got your back!
  4. Our diverse product portfolio gives you choice and flexibility: Logic partners with over 20 industry-leading suppliers of high-quality critical communications products. Don’t get locked into one manufacturer’s solution when a mixed-vendor solution can offer better value and solution customisation. From Land Mobile Radio (LMR) to Push to Talk over Cellular (PTToC), software applications to accessories and everything in between, we help you get the best of all worlds.
  5. Logic’s own-brand accessories are fantastic: In addition to partnering with industry-leading manufacturers of antennas, audio accessories, RSMs, chargers, power supplies and more, Logic has also developed a fantastic range of hardware and software solutions to complement the wider portfolio.
  6. Logic supports technology convergence: In addition to traditional LMR solutions and accessories, we’d be remiss if we ignored the emergence and convergence of broadband technologies and the potential they bring to supercharge communications. There’s a place for each, and we’re proud to support and offer a range of broadband connectivity solutions including cellular PTToC devices and applications.

The Logic team prides itself in offering the best quality products and superior client service and support. We partner with the best and our reputation speaks for itself. But don’t take our word for it, ask others. They’ll tell you that working with us is the logical choice.

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