Introducing the newest product in the Tait DMR range - the TP3 series is a unique, highly customisable portable radio. Available in DMR Tier 2 and analogue, it puts the power to choose the colour, display, keypad, and labels for each radio in your hands. 

The Tait TP3 range comes in: Black, Grey, Yellow, White, Red, Pink, Orange & Green.

If your needs evolve, the TP3 allows you to change these options quickly and cost-effectively, at any time!

The TP3 is the only radio that gives you the power to choose—and to change—easily and affordably.

No Key Display
No Key Display

4 Key Display
4 Key Display

16 Key Display
16 Key Display

Working with multiple teams? 

Find out how you can customise and personalise your fleet for a highly identifiable grab-and-go portable solution

Choose your own colour

Each TP3 radio is available in a range of colours, giving your organisation the freedom to choose radios that look the way you want. Organise your portables using colour to quickly identify specific teams. Colours can be selected to match your brand guidelines or to stand out better in working environments.

The front panel of the radio is interchangeable, allowing you to purchase a black radio, and then later change it to a different colour - saving time and money over purchasing a whole new portable.

Choose your label

Each radio is built with designated spaces for custom labels. Die-cut labels are high-tack adhesives, colour-customised, and waterproof, alcohol, chemical and smudge-resistant.

Custom-designed labels can be personalised to carry your brand logo, specific talk groups or radio type, user identification, or anything else you can imagine. This means that your radio can be completely unique to your organisation, and individual radios can be personalised for each user.

Choose your display and keypad

Three keypad options are available:

  • No Key, No Display model (0-key)

  • 4-Key, Color Display model (4-key)

  • 16-Key, Color Display (16-key)

The 4-Key and 16-key models come with a 16.0 x 12.8 pixel, 1.77" colour display. You can customise the power-up display to contain your logo, radio ID, assigned owner, or any other image. The display can be used to select from the 2000 channels, for text messages,caller ID, or identifying talk groups.

The 0-Key radio does not come with a display. Should you want to upgrade to a
4-key or 16-key radio with a display, the cover can quickly and easily be changed, instantly enhancing your portable to include the display and keys.


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