The ACT® iCHARGE™ i85 Maintainor is the ideal solution for day-to-day charging and conditioning of your two-way radio batteries as well as for long-term and emergency battery storage. Batteries left on the unit for extended periods are individually discharged and recharged, every 14 days to ensure peak condition for when they are needed.

Designed for use with most major OEM portable radio batteries, including Motorola® Impres™, the ACT® iCHARGE™ i85 Maintainor is a six bay, tri-chemistry conditioning charger with maintenance mode and bi-weekly discharge/charge cycle to keep batteries at peak condition. It is compatible with both intrinsically safe (IS) and non-intrinsically safe (Non-IS) batteries and offers drop-in capability for selected radios including Motorola® Impres™ batteries alone or while attached to the radio, using a specially designed adaptor cup. The i85 offers drop-in rapid charging for non-Impres™ batteries as well.


• Tri-chemistry charging for multiple radio battery chemistries
• Drop-in capability for Impres™ radio batteries, as well as non-Impres™
• Battery cycling mode eliminates self-discharge
• Compatible with both IS (Intrinsically safe) and non-IS
• Simultaneous charging of multiple battery designs and chemistries
• Conditions and charges in a single process to enhance battery life
• Batteries can be left on charger for extended periods of time
• Can be upgraded for iGauge use

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