The ACT® iCHARGE™ i80 Six-bay is a tri-chemistry conditioning charger designed for everyday use with most major OEM portable radio batteries, including Motorola® Impres™. It will charge up to six batteries of any battery chemistry type simultaneously; both intrinsically safe (IS) and non-intrinsically safe batteries (Non-IS). The i80 six-bay conditioning charger also offers drop-in capability for Impres™ batteries alone or while attached to the radio using a specially designed adaptor cup. The i80 provides drop-in rapid charging for non-Impres™ batteries as well. Simple LED indicators depict charge status of each battery. When the battery reaches full charge, the LED indicator turns green and charging is finished. Unlike other battery chargers on the market, the ACT® i80 Six-Bay offers complete termination at charge to avoid potential battery damage via over-charge while at the same time ensuring users of a completely charged battery.

Since the software codes for ACT®'s dynamic pulse conditioning charging are located on the adapters, a simple in-field change in adapters allows for cost effective upgrades in the event of a change in radios or battery chemistries.

With the addition of the ACT® iGAUGE, the i80 Six-Bay Conditioning Charger becomes a battery analyzer that provides a digital display on battery capacities. Additionally, for NICD or NIMH, the IGUAGE enables the i80 Six-Bay Conditioning Charger to recover lost battery capacities via its RE-ACTIVATE feature.

The ACT® iCHARGE™ i80 Six-Bay also provides a battery conditioning charge during every charge event to enhance battery life in all battery chemistries.


• Tri-chemistry charging for multiple radio battery chemistries
• Six independent, field-interchangeable adapters
• Compatible with the ACT® iGAUGE Analyzer (iGAUGE sold seperately)
• Drop-In capability for selected radio batteries including Impres™, as well as non-Impres™ batteries
• Dynamic pulse charging technology tailored to each battery
• User-friendly design and operation

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