Customisable Tait TP3 improves fleet management

Design a radio that’s unique to your organisation, talk groups or individual

The TP3 is an affordable, ergonomic radio and a total chameleon. Choose a coloured cover to suit your environment, add a label to improve radio identification, and add a keypad or screen when your requirements change—the options for personalisation are endless!

The Tait TP3 portable supports both analogue and DMR Tier 2 operation to future-proof your fleet, and has a rugged build with IP67 and MIL-STD-810G protection as standard. The TP3 is packed with features, including voice annunciation, a colour display, vibration alert*, personalised label customisation, and much more. With an array of options to suit different budgets and requirements, the TP3 offers maximum flexibility and high quality in a lower-cost portable. 

Easily adjust your fleet as your needs change

With the ability to upgrade from a 0-key front panel to one that includes a colour display and 4-16 keys, choose what suits you now, safe in the knowledge you can upgrade as needed—saving you time and money over purchasing an entirely new radio.

Label your TP3 fleet for fast identification and improved usability

The TP3 features recesses for custom-designed labels, providing dedicated space to personalise your radio. Labels are die-cut to fit and can be completely customised with anything imaginable. Tait offers a design service, or templates are available for you to personalise with your name, logo, asset ID, barcode, call sign…the possibilities are endless. 

Read more about the TP3, or contact Logic to find out how you can customise and personalise your fleet for a highly identifiable grab-and-go portable solution


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