Logic installs six-site DMR system in American Samoa

Delivering island-wide coverage with DMR simulcast

In September 2023, the Logic Wireless team travelled to American Samoa to commission a new six-site DMR simulcast system for a local government authority. While there, the team also upgraded the channel capacity on an existing four-site DMR system which was originally installed by Logic back in 2016. 

Logic Chief Technology Officer, Steve Hooper, and Engineering Manager, Paul Titheridge, travelled to the main island of Tutuila for the two-week mission to complete the installation. 

With a population of 55,000 people and a land mass of ~150km², the DMR simulcast system provides island-wide coverage of Tutuila, Aunu'u and the outlying island Manu'a Islands. 

The team enjoyed escaping the New Zealand winter for warmer climes, and while the temperature hovered around a comfortable late 20 to early 30 degrees, the high humidity combined with the odd tropical downpour made for some challenging days on site. Nothing that our experienced duo couldn’t handle!

Great coverage over rugged terrain with Simulcast

The new six-site system uses a mix of Tait mobile and portable DMR radios and Radio Activity repeaters. The installed solution provides the customer with a robust and dependable communication network across challenging terrain that includes mountainous and dense tropical rainforest.

To access the sites, Steve and Paul had to journey by way of a 4WD vehicle along narrow jungle tracks. Although Paul denies any responsibility, there may have been a few times when the winch was required to drag the jeep out of a sticky situation!

Logic expertise ensures a fast and successful install

Despite challenges related to site access and a reasonably condensed commissioning window, the Logic team navigated these with ease and had both the new six-site system and upgraded four-site system up and operating as planned. 

The project's success was a direct result of the collaboration between the Logic and customer project teams, delivering a system that provides comprehensive radio coverage across the island and excellent customer value for years to come.

 Logic is dedicated to our clients, proudly providing consistently exceptional service and quality support. From tropical to urban jungles, Logic’s support services include system and coverage design. To find out how we can support you, contact Logic or find your local Logic dealer.


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