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Technical expert Phil Dowd explains what the situation is around Mid-Band and answers common questions about what your organisation can do to future-proof your communications capabilities:

Phil Dowd

Sales Manager

Phil Dowd Sales Manager

What is happening with Mid-Band?

“There are only a few manufacturers making equipment for use in Mid-Band networks with most having announced limited or no future supply, so many organisations are looking to transition away from Mid-Band due to risk of supply and support.”

What are the options for replacing Mid-Band?

“There are two excellent options for Councils and other organisations looking to replace their outdated Mid-Band network with current technology. The first option is to move to Push-to-Talk over the cellular network and the second option is to establish a digital Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network.”

ONE: What are the benefits of Push-to-Talk?

“Push-to-Talk over cellular frees your organisation from the coverage constraints of your analogue radio network and gives your workforce access to wider coverage through the cellular network with minimal capital outlay.

Push-to-Talk can be installed on cellular devices giving your managers and team members the ability to communicate easily with their work-group whether they’re in the office, working from home or out in the field. Team members will no longer be subject to distracting and disruptive calls that are not relevant to them and can be equipped with an ergonomic device that is the best fit for the requirements of their role.

Using Push-to-Talk over cellular your organisation can realise the benefits of broadband technology to improve productivity, enhance health and safety and enter job reports or other productivity data at the time of completion.”

TWO: What are the benefits of digital LMR?

“Replacing your ageing Mid-Band network with a digital LMR network tailored to your organisation’s needs gives you access to GPS functionality which offers a variety of benefits in terms of enhanced health and safety and faster response times to service requests.

The smart digital network allows your crews to seamlessly transition from one worksite to another or travel through the operating region without the need to switch channels. It gives your teams the flexibility to make discreet one-to-one calls or use the one-to-many call function to contact the whole workgroup when appropriate.

With GPS location tracking your organisation can receive emergency alerts with knowledge of the users location and respond quickly to health and safety risks. This functionality is particularly beneficial to help protect the welfare of lone workers and crews working in remote locations.

A significant advantage of digital LMR networks is their superior resilience in the case of natural disasters and climate-related events such as floods and fires, when the need to communicate effectively is more vital than ever.”

THREE: How do I know what is the right option for my organisation?

“The Logic Wireless team are available to help you explore your options and work with you to develop the most suitable communications solution for your organisation. We have the experience and technical expertise to advise you on best practice for your transition from Mid-Band to manage the change effectively and with minimal disruption.”

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